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ALL: Students are required to wear their uniforms to and from school daily. The uniform is a constant reminder of the proper conduct and self-discipline required for learning. Hairstyles for boys and girls remain simple. For boys, hair is to be neatly trimmed and is not to extend past the collar. Unusual, drastic or fad haircuts or styles (including but not limited to chemically altered or highlighted hair or additions braided into hair) are not acceptable. Acceptable styles are determined by St. Peter School. Hair spray, spritz, perfume sprays, gels, etc. are not to be brought to school. It is the responsibility of the parents who wish to send their children to St. Peter School to see that these regulations are observed throughout the school year. Students who do not appear dressed in a school uniform according to code will be asked to call their parents for a change of clothes.

GRADES K-8: Uniforms are purchased from Lands' End Company. Acceptable items list is given to parents in the spring. Uniform colors are classic navy and khaki (the only colors) for slacks, jumpers, skirts, and skorts. Cargo styles are not acceptable. Blouses and shirts are blue or white and polos, are classic navy, blue, or white. Boys fouth grade through eighth grade will wear a black or brown belt. Sweaters (cardigan or pullover) are in three colors: classic navy, maize or black. Shoes must be solid black or brown only, except for traditional saddle shoes. Clogs, sandals, sling-back shoes & high heels are not permitted. Socks are to be solid brown, blue, black or white.

SEASONAL UNIFORM OPTIONS: During the months of May, June, August, September, students may wear uniform shorts (Cargo styles are not acceptable) Uniform shorts may be purchased at Lands End. During this time students may wear athletic shoes. Socks will be black or white.


  • BOYS: Navy or black sport shorts and white or yellow t-shirt. (This includes spirit wear and water walk t-shirts) Tennis shoes and white or black socks.
  • GIRLS: Navy or black sport shorts and white or yellow t-shirt/blouse. (This includes spirit wear and water walk t-shirts). Tennis shoes and white or black socks.
  • Kindergarten: May wear their gym clothes to school on their gym days.

Make-up may not be worn.

Only small earrings may be worn. No other jewelry, including bracelets and dangling or large hooped earrings, necklaces, etc. is worn.


  • YES: Choice of dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, dress shoes, nylons, dress slacks.
  • NO: Jeans, shorts, spandex pants, mini-skirts, T-shirts, tank tops, etc. & tennis shoes.


  • YES: Choice of dress pants, shirts, ties, sweaters, dress shoes, socks appropriate for school.
  • NO: Jeans, shorts, spandex pants, T-shirts, camouflage pants/ shirts, tank tops, tennis shoes.


  • YES: Choice of neat jeans, loose-fitting and longer-length shorts (May-June, August, September), appropriate tops, & tennis shoes.
  • NO: Torn jeans, tank tops, offensive T-shirts, shorts or pants with writing on back, etc.

BIRTHDAYS: On birthdays, students may dress up or dress down using the above guidelines.

SCOUT UNIFORMS: Scout uniforms may be worn to school during National Scouting Week and on the day of a troop meeting.