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Grade 5 has an academic curriculum that follows the guidelines developed by the State of Ohio and the Diocesan Office of Education. Students learn in an atmosphere that promotes Christian Values, responsibility and academic growth. As the 2nd step, in the intermediate grade levels, Fifth Graders continue to blossom into independent learners. The homework pad is no longer checked by the parents, (unless a problem is emerging) notes are taken and used along with a study guide in Science and Health classes, and all facets of fractional work in math is covered. Not only are the students now doing occasional reasearch projects on their own, they are typing their findings in the new computer lab. Their lab experiences have also yielded a few interesting artistic printouts of their own design.

Current subjects include Math, Reading, Religion, English, Spelling, Health, and Science. Social Studies is taught by Miss More, the Associate Teacher. Spanish lessons are every Monday.