The academic curriculum for the fourth grade follows the Common Core State Standards and the Diocesan Standards set by the Diocesan Office of Education.  Students learn in a variety of ways including small groups, individualized instruction and technology.  Growth in responsibility, organization, and learning of the Lord Jesus and living His message are other ways we work with each child.

Fourth grade is the beginning of the intermediate grades and as such, there are some curricular differences. There is more time allotted to content subjects, such as Social Studies and Science. These subjects lend themselves to developing reading skills in content areas and learning study skills. The intermediate grades are the time to develop power and proficiency in reading and related skills, such as finding the main idea, understanding inferences, drawing conclusions, etc. I also hope to assist the student in learning and practicing basic work skills, such as being responsible for their time and assignments, being organized in their desks, paper, and approach to work, and know how to study for tests on a simple level.

This is also the year that instrumental music classes begin.

Along with field trips to the Stocker Center and Lolley the Trolley in Cleveland, the fourth graders end the year sailing aboard the Goodtime III, which focuses on what we have learned studying our great state of Ohio.