St. Peter School Mission

  • We welcome each person, nurturing his/her spiritual, academic, and societal gifts, in a Catholic Family environment while promoting diversity, openness, and respect.

Statement of Beliefs

  • Parents are the primary educators of their children and that St. Peter School assists them in this awesome responsibility
  • The importance of a Catholic Education through which the Good News of Jesus Christ is taught by word and example
  • Teachers and parents work together to encourage, guide, and develop feelings of success
  • Together we instill a sense of leadership, responsibility, and determination; and we foster in our children the desire and courage to make a difference in the world today and to reach their eternal reward.

Vision Statement

At St. Peter School, God is the center of our lives.

Spiritual and academic formation is developed within an atmosphere of compassion, discipline, and respect. Together with parents and the community, the faculty and staff are dedicated to motivating each child to achieve his/her full potential. With a strong commitment to teaching the Gospel message and to academic excellence, we enable each child to make positive, Gospel value-based contributions as a member of society.


The students of St. Peter's School, with the help of their parents and teachers, will

  1. Become responsible for their own growth and actions
  2. Grow in Christ-like attitudes, pray daily, attend Mass and the Sacraments regularly
  3. Learn to calculate, comprehend, question, create, and think critically
  4. Develop self-respect and respect for others