Mrs. Byrne has been teaching in the Cleveland Catholic Diocese for over 15 years.  She began her teaching career substituting here at St. Peter School right out of college.  Mrs. Byrne took a full time first grade position at St. Joseph and John School in Strongsville where she taught for five years.  After the birth of her first daughter, she decided to put her full time career on hold to stay at home with her children.  For four years, Mrs. Byrne subbed here at St. Pete’s.  She is going on her seventh year as a Junior High teacher here at St. Peter School.  Her two children also attend here.
Mrs. Byrne is also a graduate of St. Peter’s School. When she is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, cooking, and shopping.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Byrne is the Student Council Advisor.  She oversees the many activities that Student Council puts on for our school. Greetings Day, Dress Down Days, and Talent Show to name a few.

Mrs. Byrne has also been involved with our school’s many talented artists.  She hosted "HOLLYWOOD" Art Show in 2011.  Furthermore, she prepares her 8th graders for high school and completes the application process for them.  Finalizing details for graduation wraps up her year.

Christian values are the crux of this school.  They are instilled and lived out each day to the best of Mrs. Byrne’s ability.  She enjoys planning masses with her classes.  For the past couple of years each class has had their own contemporary Christian song to sing at mass.  8th graders enrich their faith by having a "Retreat Day."

They also have designed their own 8th Grade T-Shirt, reflecting on a different religious theme each year.  The students enjoy wearing their shirts on Fridays throughout the school year.  Many students receive recognition for their wonderful writing abilities.  Patriot’s Pen, writing contests from different high schools, The Write Stuff, etc. to name some.  It has also become a tradition for the 8th graders to create a Memory Book prior to graduation.

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